Viking Battle Axe Necklace

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925 Sterling Silver Viking Battle Axe Necklace

A high-quality sterling silver accessory is timeless and it is a great complement to our style. They make us look chic. The mesmerizing 925 Sterling Silver Viking Battle Axe Necklace is one of the best examples of that. It has an exceptional design and great material quality. The pendant is in the shape of a traditional Viking Axe, which is a stylish touch. It has such a powerful, luxurious look. Moreover, it makes a meaningful present idea or a part of a family legacy to protect for generations.

925 Sterling Silver Viking Battle Axe Necklace Product Details

If you are looking for a subtle yet eye-catching accessory to upgrade your style, give the 925 Sterling Silver Viking Battle Axe Necklace a chance. The handmade necklace has an extravagant vibe, with elaborate detailing and material quality. It grants you a prestigious look while adding a dramatic edge to your style. It is such a unique piece to wear on every occasion. 925 Sterling Silver Viking Battle Axe Necklace can be your new obsession and wise addition to your collection. Furthermore, it can be your signature jewelry.

Created with the highest quality material, 925 Sterling Silver
The pendant with Viking battle axe looks so realistic and powerful
Suitable to wear on both special occasions or daily activities
It adds up to your style dramatically. Hence, it will surely become your new obsession
The necklace is handmade by talented artisans. Thus, the handmade piece makes you feel distinguished
A perfect accessory to wear when you want all eyes on you
It is the perfect gift idea to surprise your loves on special days

Item Details
Material: 925 Silver
Pendant Diameter : 4,80 cm × 2,10 cm / 1,90inc ×0,80inc
Bail with: Suitable for up to 4,00mm chain
Chain Thickness: 0,15 cm (0,06inc)

• Chain Weight :

18 Inches – (45cm) = 4.50 Gr
20 Inches – (50cm) = 5.10 Gr
22 Inches – (55cm) = 5.60 Gr
24 Inches – (60cm) = 6.05 Gr
26 Inches – (65cm) = 6.70 Gr
28 Inches – (70cm) = 7.10 Gr

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