Buddha Necklace

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Own the Best Version of the Buddha with the Buddha Necklace

The Buddha Necklace is an ancient tradition that has been around for thousands of years. It is often given as gifts to show someone you care about them, or in Buddhism it is given to show respect to the Buddha. A Buddhist would wear the Buddha Necklace to remind themselves of their beliefs. They often wear this necklace as a sign of their faith.

Buddha statues in many temples were created by monks who had very little understanding of human anatomy. This resulted in many statues having disproportionate body parts and distorted facial features. They have a wide variety of meanings. They can represent many aspects of the Buddha, including wisdom, enlightenment, and the cycle of life. We influenced the best version of the Buddha and created the matchless design of the Buddha Necklace for you!

The Buddha Necklace is a great way to show off your spiritual side. It is also a great way to get into the habit of wearing jewelry. So, the Buddha Necklace is a type of jewelry that is worn by many people as a symbol of peace and spirituality.

Item Details

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Pendant Diameter: 2.90 cm x 1.80 cm (1.10 x 0.70 inches) + 1.00 cm (0.40 inch) bail
Bail Width: suitable for up to 3.00 mm chain
Chain Thickness: 0.15 cm (0.06 inch)
Pendant Weight: 12-13 gr

• Chain Weight :

18 Inches – (45cm) = 4.50 Gr
20 Inches – (50cm) = 5.10 Gr
22 Inches – (55cm) = 5.60 Gr
24 Inches – (60cm) = 6.05 Gr
26 Inches – (65cm) = 6.70 Gr
28 Inches – (70cm) = 7.10 Gr

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