Eagle Silver Necklace

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Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver Eagle Necklace

Silver accessories add the right amount of personal touch to our looks. Especially the ones with extraordinary design work miracles. The exquisite Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver Eagle Necklace combines all these qualities. It is a rare piece with impeccable quality and a unique design. There is a meticulous engraving of an eagle on the pendant. It is a stylish accessory that goes with every outfit. Furthermore, the necklace can be a meaningful family legacy object to keep for generations.

Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver Eagle Necklace Product Details

We all enjoy sending signals about our personality and gusto to others with our style choices. Thus, we get help from accessories to complete our outfits. The bewitching Oxidized 925 Sterling Silver Eagle Necklace is a great choice to meet all our needs. It is unique and has a striking beauty. Moreover, it gives you an earnest image. So, if you are into unique pieces, the Oxidized Silver Eagle Necklace might be the right choice for you.

The pendant design with an elaborately detailed eagle is a masterpiece
The chain is a great addition to the pendant. Furthermore, you can buy the necklace with or without the chain.
Great complementary for both daily clothes or special costumes
It enhances your style, as well as grants you an earnest aura
The necklace is a handmade masterpiece. Hence, it makes you feel special to wear it
A perfect choice when you need something eye-catching and glorious
It is the ultimate gift for your family and friends

Item Details
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain & Pendant Weight: 17-20 Grams
Pendant Diameter : 4,50 cm × 3,20 cm / 1,25inc × 0,95inc
Necklace Length: 18-20-22-24 Inches
Chain Thickness: 0.15cm (0.06 inches)

• Chain Weight :

18 Inches – (45cm) = 4.50 Gr
20 Inches – (50cm) = 5.10 Gr
22 Inches – (55cm) = 5.60 Gr
24 Inches – (60cm) = 6.05 Gr
26 Inches – (65cm) = 6.70 Gr


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