Lion King Silver Necklace

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If you are looking for a statement piece to serenade your looks, the bewitching the Lion King Necklace is perfect for you. It is a piece of timeless jewelry with impeccable quality and amazing design. The detailing on the pendant featuring a lion head with the crown is wondrous.

The Lion King Necklace is like an artwork to wear on every occasion. It is a glorious and luxurious jewelry item. Additionally, it looks meaningful and classy. While enhancing your style radically, the Lion King Necklace gives you a mysterious image. Also, it is a valuable family legacy object.

The charming Lion King Necklace adds a layer of magic to your style. It is a handmade masterpiece, a creation of great talent. Hence, it is likely for you to feel privileged to know you are one of the lucky few. It suits every outfit and provides a charismatic look. Moreover, it puts you at the center of attention on every occasion. The Lion King Necklace can be your new favorite jewelry to serenade all your looks.

The Lion King Necklace is a symbol of strength and power. It can be use as a talisman to ward off evil spirits, as well as to heal illnesses. The Lion King Necklace is also seen as a source of protection and courage.

Lion King Necklace is a great jewelry choice for occasions when you want all eyes on you!

Item Details

Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Chain & Pendant Weight: 16-19 gr
Pendant Diameter: 3,50 cm × 3,00 cm / 1,50 inches ×1,20 inches
Bail Weight: suitable for up to 4 mm chain
Chain Thickness: 0,15 cm (0,06 inch)

• Chain Weight :
18 Inches – (45cm) = 4.50 Gr
20 Inches – (50cm) = 5.10 Gr
22 Inches – (55cm) = 5.60 Gr
24 Inches – (60cm) = 6.05 Gr
26 Inches – (65cm) = 6.70 Gr


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