Roaring Lion Silver Necklace

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Oxidized Sterling Silver Lion Necklace

Our accessories tell so much about our style. They reveal our preferences and personality. Then, what is better to express our adventurous heart than wearing a lion head necklace? The outstanding Oxidized Sterling Silver Lion Necklace provides you this opportunity. In the shape of a 3D lion head, it looks glorious like the king of the forest. The elaborate design and impeccable detailing create a work of art. As a result, the bewitching necklace perfectly upgrades your looks. Moreover, it would be a great family legacy object.

Oxidized Sterling Silver Lion Necklace Product Details

If you are looking for a new addition to your style, you should definitely check out the outstanding Oxidized Sterling Silver Lion Necklace. It adds so much personality and uniqueness to your outfits In no time, it becomes your signature accessory. The handmade jewelry is a creation of talented artisans. Hence, it is a rare object which makes you feel privileged. If you are into subtle yet extraordinary pieces, you can check out the Oxidized Lion Necklace. It will be your latest obsession.

Created with the highest quality material, 925 Sterling Silver
The detailing on the 3D lion head is a work of art. Moreover, the naturalist look gives the necklace a lifelike vibe
The chain perfectly suits the pendant. Furthermore, you can buy the necklace with or without the chain
Easy to combine with both special costumes and daily outfits
It richens up your style in the best way. Also, the necklace grants you a certain charisma
A one of a kind product, that is handcrafted by the greatest artisans, the necklace makes you feel special and elevated
A good accessory to wear, when you want the spotlights on you
It is a perfect gift idea to surprise your loved ones

Item Details
Material: 925 Sterling Silver
Total weight: 16-19 Grams
Pendant Diameter : 3,50 cm × 3,00 cm / 1,40inc ×1,20inc
Bail with: Suitable for up to 6,00mm chain
Chain Thickness: 0,15 cm (0,06inc)


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