Hand-Held Heart Necklace

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Sterling Silver Hand-Held Heart Pendant with Chain

Are you interested in Sterling Silver accessories? If positive, you must love the exquisite Sterling Silver Hand-Held Heart Pendant with Chain. It is a charming piece in the shape of two hands holding each other. The magical design and detailing create the perfect harmony. It is a signature piece of jewelry to wear on a daily basis or on special occasions. Either way, it will work miracles. Furthermore, the Sterling Silver necklace is a matchless family belonging to the next generations.
Sterling Silver Hand-Held Heart Pendant with Chain Product Details

Be ready to impress everyone with your Hand-Held Heart Pendant with Chain. It looks this divine with all the elaborate detailing. As a result, it will be your new obsession. Handmade by talented artists, it is a unique piece of jewelry. You may feel privileged to own such a special piece. If you want all these, you only need one product. And that is the glorious Sterling Silver Hand-Held Heart Necklace.

Created with the highest quality material
It is the ultimate jewelry to wear with both daily clothes and formal costumes
While granting you a noble, prestigious image, it enhances your style
An eye-catching Sterling Silver accessory that turns all the heads, allowing you to be the man of the hour
It makes a great present to surprise your loved ones on special days

Item Details
Material: 925K
Total weight: 18-22 Grams
Pendant Diameter: 3,8cm x 1,40cm
Necklace Length: 18 – 20 -22 -24 İnches

• Chain Weight :

18 Inches – (45cm) = 4.50 Gr
20 Inches – (50cm) = 5.10 Gr
22 Inches – (55cm) = 5.60 Gr
24 Inches – (60cm) = 6.05 Gr
26 Inches – (65cm) = 6.70 Gr
28 Inches – (70cm) = 7.10 Gr

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